One of the most common things our clients our facing when they first come to us is a lack of enthusiasm and motivation. Often they’ve been following the same routine by themselves for some time, they’re not seeing results and it’s just gotten pretty damn boring! If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. When most people think of going to the gym and working out, what comes to mind is a lonely jog on the treadmill or spin on the exercise bike, followed by a wander around the resistance machines. No wonder people are bored.

CrossFit flips traditional forms exercise on it’s head. You’ll use your body weight and free weights instead of machines, you’ll do a different workout every day instead of the same routine, and you’ll work out in a small group of committed like-minded people instead of going it alone. All of these factors contribute to making CrossFit far more effective than traditional exercise or your bog standard gym class, but it’s the community – the friends who train together, who develop a bond through experiencing and overcoming challenges as a group, that makes doing CrossFit so much fun.


“I just work harder when there’s someone else there” is something we hear a lot, and it’s true that when there are other people training right next to you doing the same workout you’re doing, and they’re pushing to get the best out of themselves, you are going to try harder. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the least bit competitive, it’s not about beating anybody else it’s about giving your best effort, and when that’s what everybody else in the room is doing, it’s pretty hard not to do the same.

Support and Encouragement

Another sight unique to our CrossFit classes, is our members supporting and encouraging each other through the workout. We have a ‘no one gets left behind’ kind of attitude here at Outwork, and when there’s one athlete left on the floor with their final reps to do, you’ll see everyone else clapping and cheering with encouragement right to the end. Then when it’s all said and done it’s high fives and fist bumps all round – because you deserve recognition for the effort you just put in and it feels good to reward others for theirs too!


When it’s just you no one’s going to know if you take it easy, if you cut your workout short or if you decided to drive right past the gym and go and sit in Starbucks instead, but when your coaches and fellow athletes are counting on you to show up, you’re far more likely to stay committed to your workout schedule and put in the work when you’re there. That’s another great thing about CrossFit and what we do here at Outwork, if you can just get yourself through the doors, you’ve made it – the coaches and the community will take care of the rest.

Faster Progress

In sport it’s thought that a team is only as strong as it’s weakest players, but you can guarantee that it’s those players who are the ones making the biggest improvements, and we see the same thing happen in our classes. There’s saying in the strength world “If you want to get strong, find stronger training partners” and in a mixed ability group that’s exactly what you’ll get, as the limitations and boundaries of what’s possible are being pushed by the fittest and more experienced athletes, the fitness, strength and skills of the group as whole improves.

The power of the group is that each class becomes an environment that is wholly conducive to your success. When you feel more accountable you’ll show up more consistently. When others are working hard you’ll work harder too, when you need support and encouragement you’ll get it in abundance, and if you spend time training, practising and working alongside people who are just that much further ahead than you are, your own skills and capabilities will improve at a much faster rate.

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