Know someone who’s trying to get in shape? Want to help them transform their life and body, and have a blast doing it? Refer them to CrossFit Outwork, and we’ll reward you both!

GIVE £50. GET £50.

One sure fire way to have more fun working out, is to work out with like minded people! Not only that, when you’re coming to train with friends you’re likely to be more committed, work harder and see better results. 

With our refer-a-friend ‘Give £50, Get £50’ deal, you can gift £50 toward any friend or family member’s first month of training, and totally set them up for success. Simply pass your friend one of your unique referral cards, and have them enter the code when signing up for their free intro session. When they sign up, you’ll get £50 off your next month, too. Everybody wins!

Here’s how it works: 

Tell your friends all about CrossFit Outwork, the amazing results you’ve got and how much fun you’ve had doing it! If they want in, pass them one of your unique referral cards.

Your friend fills out the free intro session form and enters your unique referral code found on the back of the card. We’ll then contact them to arrange their session.

Following their intro session, your friend will complete the Foundations course if they’re new to CrossFit, then will have the option to join as a member, receiving £50 off their first month’s membership.

You’ll then receive £50 off your next month!

If you don’t know your referral code or need more referral cards, speak to a coach next time you’re in!