Improving your nutrition and eating to be fitter, healthier and happier needn’t be complex or unenjoyable. There are really simple ways to make big differences to how you eat and making lasting change is key to a lifetime of better health and reaching your goals.


The Power of Habit

Think about everything you do, every day. We pack a lot into our waking hours and many things we do day in, day out. How do we manage to keep doing them? They’ve become habit.

Now think about some of the things you’d like to improve about your day. At some point, they were things you wanted to do and they were easy (or you found a way) to fit into your day.

Improving your nutrition isn’t about taking on a whole load of extra stuff to do and think about, it’s about taking the habits you already have and working to improve them!


Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

One question we get asked ALL the time is “how much should I be eating?” The long answer involves extremely complex equations, a full lifestyle analysis, some super expensive scientific experiments and even more boring weighing and measuring. Calorie counting is all around us and it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers but what’s MOST important is WHAT you’re eating, not how much.

Work on replacing processed foods with whole foods (meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, dairy) and paying attention to when you feel hungry and full and the numbers will take care of themselves. Let your body figure out what it needs and leave the scales in the back of the cupboard.


Making One Thing Better

Figuring out how to get started can seem like a minefield! There’s so much you can do it’s tempting to try and do it all at once. An all or nothing approach usually ends up as…well…nothing!

Instead of taking on everything, take on one thing. Every time you plan, cook or eat a meal, ask yourself this one question…”What one thing could I make slightly better?”

Making one small improvement every time you eat or plan to eat adds up to much bigger improvements and lasting habits over time.


How Can We Help?

Nutrition Coaching is about helping you take things right back to basics and finding the simplest and most enjoyable  way for you to make improvements, no matter what your end goal may be!

Your road to better nutrition is just a habit away!

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