Some people are scared of CrossFit. They think that it will be too difficult, too intense, that they aren’t fit enough or that they will get injured. Often this is a case of the experiences of the few, leading the thoughts of the many. So let’s dive in and address each one in a little more detail.


Is CrossFit difficult? Yes, getting in shape takes effort. To get results you’ll have to push yourself a little. Our workouts are intense, but they’re fun and more importantly they’re prescribed to you at your level. Your coach knows your strengths and weaknesses, what you’re good at and where you need a little help, which is how they’re able to make sure you get the most out of your workout every time.


Can I Do It? Yes. The great thing about CrossFit is that anybody, of any age can do it and get into great shape. This is possible because of scaling. Scaling makes it possible for our 4 year olds, our 80 year olds and everyone in between to complete the same workout, and get the same result.


Is CrossFit Safe? Yes. Before your coach asks you to lift anything heavy, or do something at speed, they’re going to make sure you can repeatedly do it correctly. Your coach will be with you throughout the workout, consistently watching your movement and guiding you towards better technique.


The truth is that we do things differently at CrossFit Outwork, and if you were to pop into our box during any of our classes, you’ll see several of our athletes (to us, all of our clients are athletes!) all at different levels of experience, fitness and physical ability, working out together and having a blast. So set aside your fears and embrace the challenge. It might just be the best thing you’ve ever done.