What were you doing before you started at CrossFit Outwork? 

Not much of anything, I’d had a brief stint at an Olympic weightlifting gym and was looking to try something similar but hadn’t trained in a few months.

What made you decide to start CrossFit? 

I knew that I could continue to train Olympic weightlifting and get stronger.

Did you have any concerns/fears at first? 

Mostly I was apprehensive about what improvements I would be able to make to my strength doing CrossFit, as my anecdotal experience had been mixed. I was also concerned that my endurance just wouldn’t be good enough to keep up during the workouts.

How did that change once you became a member? 

I realised that the CrossFit programming really does lend itself well to building a ton of strength but does it in a way that is incremental and not at the detriment of other skills. Right now for instance I consider my endurance to be the strongest it has ever been and despite losing a bunch of body weight my strength hasn’t really suffered at all and in some areas it has improved a lot.

What were your goals when you first started? 

To get stronger in the Olympic lifts. I honestly didn’t have any goals beyond this, though they’ve since expanded a lot since training here. I’ve recently added getting a muscle up and running a half marathon to my 2020 goals.

What have been your biggest achievements since joining? 

The 15kgs body weight I’ve lost since September 2019 is probably my biggest. I’ve also had all-time PRs in my Snatch, Clean, Squat and Deadlift over the last year. I’ve managed to fully rehabilitate an old wrist injury with no loss of range of motion after repair surgery in late 2019 whilst still training multiple times a week. My physiotherapist actually mentioned how she suspected my continued training helped me achieve a full recovery.

What’s it like being a member at Outwork? 

It’s superb, the gym keeps a really good friendly and responsive atmosphere going. One of my favourite things is that the coaches do the same workouts, both showing their own dedication to their fitness and that they practice the same techniques that they teach. It’s also good to cheer them on and get to repay some of the positivity that they inject into all their classes.

What have been some of your favourite moments as a member at Outwork?

My favourite moments seem to happen every week, as I’m seeing huge improvements in my performance in pretty much every consecutive workout. There were a few weeks where me and Coach Ferg trained together a lot, and that stands out as a time where I was just having a ton of fun being competitive and smashing PRs.

What are some of your favourite workouts?

Absolutely anything that involves the Olympic lifts, I find them so much fun and look forward to any opportunity to use them. When I started I absolutely hated both running and burpees. I’d say now I’m at a Love/Hate relationship with them, so soon I’ll probably love them. I’m not sure if they’ll overtake the Olympic lifts but we’ll see!

How has doing CrossFit impacted your life outside the gym?

I feel like my attitude towards exercise has changed, I now feel like I could have a decent go at pretty much anything and there are no more daunting areas of fitness that I don’t want to go near. For instance, before CrossFit, I had imagined what it would be like to train for a marathon but never felt like I would ever get near it, but now I actually have my sights set on one. Outside of training I feel like I have more energy every day, my clothes fit me better, and people are constantly telling me how much happier and put together I seem. Overall it’s just improved every aspect of my life.

Jamie Fitzpatrick – Member at Outwork since February 2019

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